Sterling Lane | Debrah


"Thank you to all of the FCCI Insurance Group volunteers who will show up even on the days when I can’t."

Debrah completed the Habitat for Humanity Sarasota homeownership program and celebrated her home dedication on August 23, 2017.

Debrah first inquired about owning a Habitat Sarasota home in January 2015. Three months later she attended a homeowner orientation and submitted her application. Unfortunately, she had a large amount of personal debt and she could not be approved.

Debrah has an 11 year old son, DJ, who has autism spectrum disorder. When DJ was younger, there were several years that Debrah was unable to work because advocating for her son’s education and well-being became her full time job. Debrah would spend her days at school with her son helping his teachers learn more about DJ and autism. Providing the necessary care for her son came at a high financial toll.

When Debrah did not qualify for the home buyer program, Habitat Sarasota’s family services department provided her with clear expectations to improve her credit and an attainable plan to qualify for the home buyer program. She began working two to three jobs to pay down her debt and reapplied. Having made great strides, Debrah was accepted into the program twelve months later December of 2015.

Debrah works as a Medical Assistant at a physician’s office in Bradenton. She currently rents a duplex in Englewood which makes her morning commute over an hour. Knowing that her hard work has paid off, Debrah can now see a light at the end of the tunnel. In just 11 years, her son has called 6-7 different places “home.” While Debrah looks forward to having control of her family’s housing future, DJ is excited to finally have a backyard! Knowing that another move will not be waiting around the corner, DJ looks forward to having a home to help decorate for future holidays.

Debrah's home is being made possible by a partnership with FCCI Insurance Group through the Community Contribution Tax Credit Program (CCTCP). FCCI employees have already provided 675 volunteer hours on TWO affordable Habitat Sarasota homes! In addition to financially sponsoring Debrah's home, FCCI employees will also contribute a minimum of 200 volunteer hours.