Treasure Hunting Made Chic

ReStore Boutique

Our ReStore needs your gently used itemsIf you haven’t seen our Boutique lately, you may be surprised what’s in store for you. “It has a gift shop vibe now,” says Tonja Rankins, ReStore Manager. “In the last year, we transitioned from that typical ‘thrift store’ look to a chic new shop. We expanded the space, installed new lighting and put our paint brushes to work for brighter colors.”

The transformation is designed to improve the shopping experience and increase the salesReStore Infographic that cover the organization’s overhead, allowing all charitable giving to go toward homes. “It was important to make the Boutique as welcoming as possible to grow our customer base. We want shoppers to enjoy coming here to find that special treasure – and to tell their friends.”

Beyond its fresh new look, the Boutique’s wide variety of merchandise is carefully selected. “We ask donors to be honest about quality,” says Rankins. “Then we vet everything before it enters the Boutique to ensure it meets our standards. And we do our homework to make certain that our price reflects its value.” She points to a stunning, intricately-designed pillow which research showed to be hand-embroidered which a famous retail store sells for $500. It’s price tag? $80. “Customers love to search for special treasures,” says Rankins. “We hope that they leave with a smile knowing they supported a worthy cause, and return often.”